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Our culture_

The Ateliê de Software, and the Webgoal Group companies, always has been praised for its human-centered style of management. This has attracted many professionals interested in working with us, in addition to rendering numerous lectures and presentations about the subject!

In our Instagram, we share daily photos of our work environment. All the funny photos we post there are just the consequences of what we do, our values and management.

We believe that a pleasant, safe, happy and relaxed environment, a salary above average, and benefits is the minimum that a company needs for the members to feel satisfied, productive and motivated. The minimum, not everything!

We value confidence, transparency, feedback, continuous exchange of knowledge, sustainable work, responsibility, teamwork, freedom, self-organization ...

The software artisans always promote studies groups or discussions on some topic of interest. We also hold and participate in events, courses and lectures. The practice of feedback is widely used here. We believe that this helps us evolve and become more and more secure and close to each other.



Having autonomy means doing the work that needs to be done in the way you believe is the best, considering the impact and consequences of that choice on the people who work with you, our business, and the business of the costumer.


Collaborating means working together with others to create new learning, increase team resilience, and have quality in the final result. Collaboration encourages the exchange of knowledge and is the basis of teamwork.


Learning new concepts, techniques and tools increases the effectiveness and efficiency of creative work, which is done by the knowledge workers. The best way to learn is by making and sharing knowledge and experiences with other team members and with our customers.


It is the capability of a team to find the best way to work collectively, respecting the restrictions of the environment and the ability of its members to achieve results that we could not achieve alone.


It is the parallel between what we really want and what we demonstrate, between what we want and what we manifest in the real world. It means to reveal with greater or less clarity the intentions, the feelings and the hidden thoughts behind an action. Transparency reduces frustration, facilitates coexistence with others, promotes autonomy, collaboration and self-organization.


Having excellence is the achievement of a virtue, it is the result of having full control of what we do and the necessary skills to perform our work. The journey for excellence is what drives us away from mediocrity, providing first-rate services and products and the best experience for customers. It is the professional achievement that makes people happier at work.

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