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Development of the ConLicitação platform_

A company that has one of the biggest data centers of public bidding organization and auction systems in the country.

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Duration: 12 years

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Team: 6 people

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Digitalize the platform, decrease the processing of bids, and increase the customer base. They had their data in Excel spreadsheets and the bidding processing time used to be very long.

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Remove the bidding storage from spreadsheets and organize them in a web system. Ensured a good user experience so that the customer base grows considerably. For this project, we use: Ruby on Rails.

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Telas do sistema


We optimized the bidding processing time of days to just a few minutes and the customer base quintupled. After 14 years, a dedicated team makes constant and incremental improvements to the systems, in addition to collaborating in the creation of new products and businesses.

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